Wool offers many benefits when used in clothing and gloves:

1. Extremely Warm

  • The wool fiber traps more air than any other fiber.

2. Soaks up moisture without feeling wet and maintains warmth when wet.

  • Merino wool can absorb 30% of its weight before you feel wet on your skin.

3. Highly Breathable

  • Wool moves moisture from the high humidity location next to skin to the lower humidity location away from your skin.

4. Temperature Regulating

  • As you begin to warm, the water trapped in the fiber begins to evaporate, cooling the microclimate between the fabric and your skin.

5. Naturally Static

  • Moisture retention in the fiber prevents static electricity.

6. Naturally Anti-Odor

  • Resists bacteria and odor retention

7. Naturally FR

8. Natural, Renewable Fiber